Our Systems

At Alford Traffic we make use of a fully integrated navigation system which allows us to track the progress of a load from the very beginning to the very end of the haulage process. Our entire fleet is equipped with GPS tracking that allows our traffic team to pinpoint the location of every vehicle at any given time. Through this same software we are able to send work details directly to vehicle SatNav systems, minimising the possibility of human error. Once the materials have reached their destination, we then process invoicing all through the same unified programme making every order easily traceable throughout the whole process.

Our Vehicles

We are currently running 31 vehicles ranging all of which have a minimum Euro 5 environmental standard. We are in the process of replacing all of our older vehicles to bring the whole fleet up to the Euro 6 standard.

Our replacement programme also looks to maximise the support given to our drivers through technology. Each cab is equipped with its own forward- and rear-facing cameras to ensure the safety of pedestrians and driver alike. Our satellite navigation systems are top of the line, allowing us to stay in touch with the driver and giving the driver efficient and up-to-date guidance to ensure an optimal journey.

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